Sewing Collection

I am beginning to sew. I really enjoy it and feel the need to learn more. Here are the materials I have collected for personal use. I fully intend to purchase all non public domain titles that are not already in my personal collection. This is just for my convenience. The blog has no subscribers anyways. It is just my notebook.

The Sewing Library

Learn to Sew
Professor Pincushion
Sewing Dictionary

Pattern Drafting
Tasha Lee-Maldonado's blog (Her tutorials on pattern drafting are the best)
ikatbag blog

Using a Pattern
Craftovision (Threadbanger)--Tracing a Pattern Onto Fabric
Sew It Love It

My Pinterest Boards
Simple DIY Fashion
Make My Clothes
Make Kids Clothes
Learn to Sew
Pattern Drafting
Clothing Alterations
Make It! Take It!--A collection of various crafts

YouTube Tutorial Channels
Professor Pincushion
DIY Meesha
Renita Retrocakes
Cathleen de Ontiveros (Her tutorials are the best!)
Tasha Lee Maldonado (in her sewing, she uses lots of high end techniques. Look for her technical tutorials!)
Joanna De Leon Richards

My Own Collection of Things I Need to Know (lots of hand sewing techniques)

I also will be looking for these books.

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tasha lee said...

I just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION for referencing my YouTube and my Blog site. I am so happy someone is using them :) My blog site has changed though. My new web address is and as usual, Happy Sewing :)

daya Monay said...

Tasha, you know I love your site!

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