Great Convertible Outfits for Summer

Here is a list of outfits that allow options for women who have to try on several outfits every morning but who for whatever reason don't have space for that many outfits maybe because we are out of town.  As I find more, I will add more to this list.  Whenever possible, I will link to the tutorial as well.

Weekend Designer Convertible Dressing
ModelistA 1001 Dress
I Can Make That Limitless Dress
Goddess Dress
Infinity Dress with Bandeau Top from Sew Like My Mom
Infinity Jumpsuit
OMG! Reversible Infinity Dress
Three Seam Caftan from Simple Simon and Co. (Not exactly convertible, but cute and easy and a perennial fave!)
This Multidress Tutorial

This tube thing that you can wear a million ways wth tthe help of rubber bands:

And when it is chilly, a Ruana Shawl is a nice convertible cape.  One in black and one in brown with coordinating scarves will have you sharp!

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