We Began With M

We did a lot today and will continue with this for a while (until Baby gets it or gets bored!) Cilck on the baby to read the rest of the post!

So today we did some rote counting. We counted with Greg and Steve.

We worked with the letter M using the following:

Mimi Mouse's song and a larger image

Object box with a man, Mickey Mouse, and a mitten
And with Coilbrook's Shawn the Train
More on the letter M.

M Playlist

This and other playlists are available on my YouTube channel.

We also reviewed colors and counted as we strung beads for fine motor skills.

I read my own Bible verses (Genesis 1:1-2:3) aloud to him. He pretended to read along with one of his own books. As I wrote this on paper, he pretended to write as well.

We also watched a bit of Muzzy in French.

Additional resources:
Coilbrook's Shawn the Train

Greg and Steve

Dr. Jean

From Harry Kindergarten:
2D shapes
3D Shapes
Count to 20

Here is a months video

Here is another M song

We will also begin with A Rhyme A Week: Jack and Jill. (Lesson Plan, Poster, Riddle Rhymes for Older Kids, Picture Cards)

And my son loves this rat!

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