Chicken nuggets and French fries from Skinnytaste

I recently told someone that I felt that I was having to learn to cook all over again. I was so glad to come across recipes for chicken nuggets and french fries that were a bit healthier.

Today, I made Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets from SkinnyTaste. I was going to make Gina's (the lady behind SkinnyTaste) Baked Seasoned Fries , but I decided to simplify. I figured if I could just get the oven fry part right, a little salt wouldn't kill us. So, I modified the recipe a bit and the fries were divine! (Feel free to check out my Simple Oven Baked French Fries!)

My baby enjoyed this meal. He loves chicken nuggets and French fries. I have never seen him eat like this. Now, how is that for a lovely dinner?

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