Change of Plans/New June Challenge

School is about to start back and I need a fitness routine that I can stick to. I am taking two summer school classes so time will be a hot commodity. For this reason, I am rescinding my original June 30 day challenge with the squats, planks, crunches and push ups with additional cardio in favor of a something more compact. I have chosen to do the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Slimdown. That is my new June Challenge. I will post when I feel it is necessary, but it is unlikely that I will post daily.

I posted for 17 days about my fitness routine and while posting has not become habit, the working out has. I have had a rough week, but I fully intend to get it in first thing in the morning! I got my bra, my shoes, and my weights! I don't need another thing! No more excuses! Tomorrow, thirty day shred/slimdown!

P.S. I got the stuff to make the salsa verde chicken tostadas, huevos rancheros, and turkey lettuce wrap tacos! We are eating Mexican this week!

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