Teaching Toddler to Spread Peanut Butter

My two year old son found his knife in the silverware drawer today.  Them he asked to have a peanut butter sandwich. I asked him if he wanted to make it himself, he said yes. So I got out his Mickey Mouse plate, cut a slice of bread in half (because is knife is only good for spreading), and put the food on the plate.  I got the peanut butter from the jar and put it in one of Mickey's ears and put the bread in the big part of the plate.  I gave him his knife.

I chose to do so much for him to isolate the skill of spreading.  He licks the spoon and then digs it back into his peanut butter, which is ok if it is on your own plate, but not if you are using a jar.  To me, that is another lesson for another day.  (Just a thought though: It is truly considered better manners to dispense your condiments, especially butters and jams, to your own plate and spreading from there.)

Anyhow, below is a picture of his sandwich.  He spread both pieces of bread.  As an additional note, I gave him wheat bread.  It is far easier to work with than white bread, especially Wonder Bread, because it doesn't tear as easily.

Here is the first peanut butter sandwich he made!

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