I Started the Pirate Jacket

So you may remember that I am working on making my son a dress up box!  I am starting with his Halloween costume, which is my first experience working with a sewing machine and my first experience with a pattern.

So today, I began working with his jacket.  If you looked at the previous posts, you know that I have had the pieces cut all week, but today, I began sewing.  I sewed the collar, staystitched all necklines (and have had no stretching, I might add quite proudly), sewn the facing to itself and pinned the collar and facing to the jacket!  They are ready to be sewn whenever I get time again.

One of the reasons I haven't sewn this last step was that my darling son insisted that I play with him!  I stopped because he is such a good sport when I am sewing.  The other reason is because I am afraid to try such thick layers in my sewing machine.  I also am a bit hesitant because I don't know if I am using too much bulk in the neckline.  I am going to look at some fleece patterns.

Additionally, here is a picture of how I keep my pattern.  I have heard that people make their patterns last longer by tracing onto freezer paper or sew-in interfacing.  I have also heard that people stick patterns to fusible interfacing.  Just some tips on making patterns last longer.  

UPDATE: I have a pattern for fleece jackets (pictured below). And the directions are exactly the same as these.  It also has tips for working with fleece which I am already employing.  I am on the right track!  :-) Yippee!!

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