Strapless Bras and Additional Comfort for DDD+ Cup Sizes

If you read my post on buying a sports bra, you know that I have rather large breasts. (I say it that way so that Googling pervs don't find my site.) In fact, when I went to purchase my sports bra, I was professionally fitted in a shop specializing in larger cup sizes (which I highly recommend for all ladies needing anything above a C cup). Can you guess what size the lovely lady told me I needed?

At her suggestion, I bought one cup size down for my sports bra so that I could have a snug fit: 40G (UK).  This means that all of my bras, ranging from a 38DDD to a 44DDD were all the wrong size!  In fact, most were too big in the band and too small in the cups!  (Check out this bra size converter and sister sizes chart.)

Anyhow, if you are truly "blessed" in this area of your body, you know that finding a strapless bra that will do its job is nearly impossible. In my experience, they slide down from the weight of your breasts or they are too tight for comfort. You see, in regular bras the weight of your breasts should be distributed between your band and your straps with most of the support in your band.  To shift the support to the band, it is tightened so that it won't slide down. So to remove all the weight from the shoulder straps and put it strictly in the band would be to tighten it even more. (Uncomfortable much?)

But what if there is a way to distribute the support without having the pinching bands?  That is what this post is about!

I do believe that I will be able to wear strapless tops!

Introducing the longline bra!  A marvel of sorts!  It distributes the weight of your bosom over a wider area, making it more comfortable.  It also can be paired with a shaping panty to produce an instant hourglass figure, according to Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing.

I had a strapless longline bra for my prom and from what I could remember, it supported me pretty well.  There was no drooping at all, but it was fitted using the Plus 5 method and was thus very loose in the waist.  Shortly after prom, I lost a lot of weight too so that may have contributed to the loose waist, but it looked nice under my clothes (provided they were loose enough not to show the waist bucking).

I had an aunt who wouldn't wear anything but longline bras. I never knew way as a child, but she had a big bust.  I think she may have been on to something.

I am going to try out a few with straps this winter.  Next summer, I will try out a strapless one.  Hopefully, I will remember to post reviews and link here, but if I don't, use the search feature to look for "longline bras."  If I haven't written it, leave me a comment to remind me.  Leave it here or on Facebook as I check these more frequently than my email or Twitter.

To conclude, here is a selection of longline bras from Roamans to get you started!

Happy hunting!

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