36 Calorie Paleo Brownies

I am a total sugar-freak! I mean, I can't get enough of sweets. In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I have realized that I just need to learn to eat better. I need to make healthier substitutions that I can live with. I keep seeing these Paleo brownies on Pinterest and wondered how they stacked up nutritionally with more traditional ones. I guess the title of the post gave away the answer.

I started by googling Paleo brownies. I was just wondering how they taste and how they compare caloriewise with the standard brownies. According to Calorie Counter, there are 243 calories in a 28 g piece of brownie.

I went on and found this recipe for Flour-less Paleo Brownies and put them into the The Self Nutrition Data Recipe Builder, which calculated them out to be 36 calories, 2.2 g fat, 9 g protien, 2.2 g carbohydrates, and .5 g of dietary fiber. I mean, this even beats most diet foods! (I did substitute 4 egg whites for two of the eggs.)

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