Rock Bangs When You Want Without Cutting Your Hair (DIY Clip-In Chinese Bangs on Lace)

I have always wanted to have the option of wearing Chinese bangs, but I hate being locked into certain styles.  (This is why I don't have a perm or locks.  They reduce options.)  I also often wear my hair natural.  Chinese bangs would look a mess on my natural texture.  So, what I want is a way to wear my Chinese bangs only when my hair is straightened.  This means that I have no intention of cutting my hair, for that is far to permanent!

The solution lies in adding fake hair.  I am going to make a clip in bang.  I am going to attempt to even create a part for myself by using wig lace.  (I am going to experiment with synthetic hair and tulle the first time though.)

Appropriate colored tracks (the weave)
Three snap clips
Tulle (or lace)
Old coffee
Weave glue
Wig hook or ventilator

What to do:

  1. Cut the lace or tulle to a proper size. (Mine is something like a half circle with a diameter of about 2.5 inches which means it is about five inches wide.)
  2. Glue two rows of tracks to the front of the piece and two to the back.
  3. Remove some hair from the tracks.
  4. Use you ventilating needle to attach the hair to the middle of the piece.
  5. Sew the clips to the piece: two in the front and one in the back.
  6. Put the piece on, part, and cut the bangs.

Now... what's cookin' good lookin'?

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