Workouts and PMS Related Fatigue

I have been dragging for the last few days. I also have a belly that is measuring with a longer circumference than a week ago. It must be PMS! I was reading and learned that PMS can start up to a week before your cycle. That means about a week and a half of feeling good a month. So not cool!

I was reading Lady Care Health's Eat to Beat PMS and they suggest foods high in magnesium, fiber, antioxidants and B vitamins to prevent constipation, mood swings, hormone fluctuations, and fatigue. Here is some pictorial help below:

I also found this forum where regular people tell how they cope with PMS and working out on My Fitness Pal. A lot of people said that they lessened the intensity and watched what they ate. Some people mentioned staying hydrated and taking vitamins. Some people said that they gave their bodies the rest by either sleeping longer nights (up to 10 hours), adding naps, or simply waiting the PMS out on the couch.

Then, I foundFive Tips for Working Out on Your Menstrual Cycle. This article suggests remembering that exercise helps with cramps, avoiding inversion exercises, lowering the intensity or the time of your workout, doing yoga for PMS, and thinking outside the box in terms of exercises.

Check out any of the links for more wonderful advice on how to make the most of a workout while on your cycle! Remember everyone is different. These are just suggestions to get you started in figuring out what works for you!

And in case you experience bloating:

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