Day 17: Stronger Than Ever

After yesterday's rest, I am back stronger than ever! I read up on PMS fatigue and will post about it as soon as it is written up. If you rad it, some people lighten up or just rest. Well, I rested yesterday and today I thought that I would just give it my best go.

So I turned on my new five mile walk and got to work. Y'all! I made I just past the three and a half mark. It somehow seems less intense than my old three mile walk. I think I will try my old three mile walk for reference. (I will post the link here when I do.) I mean I feel like I kicked butt. (As it type this I am so gross! Not like a little bit, but like drippy!)

A day of rest did me some good. Just two and a half weeks ago, I could barely do the one mile walk. Now I can get just past half of the five mile walk, even with the boosts! I did the boosts! No breaks! No rests! I only quit because I got in 30 minutes, reached my goal, and have to do my hair. I have something to do tomorrow.

So, time to hit the shower and get cute! Next stop: four miles! And when I finish this tape, I will have to up my game again!

I am so going to run! I am so going to lose weight! I am so going to be able to play with my son! I am so going to look good doing it! I am so going to be here a long time for him!

I thank God that he gives me the strength to do these workouts!

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