Day 16: Resting, Reflecting, and Bloating

Today was a lazy day. I have been dragging lately and couldn't bring myself to workout. I needed a day, and when I get back to my routine, I will have a little more fire in me.

I took today to reflect on my Bible. I needed that time. I will post on that soon.

I did notice that today I had a hard time getting my water in. Maybe it was because I skipped my workout (omg! I have a workout to skip!). Or maybe it was because of this bloat! My stomach was bigger than it was last week and I was wondering why, but women know what time it is (of the month)! So I fixed me up a little natural diuretic: a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Then I chased it with two more glasses of water. Probably will do it again sometime tomorrow. Additionally, you can try this Pilates for Bloating routine.

But I wasn't totally lazy. I cleaned out my car, and if you have ever seen my car junky, you know what a task that is! I did some laundry. I walked around my apartment complex, going to the dumpster and mailbox twice. I even jogged a bit just to see if I could do it. (I jogged from the dumpster to my garage. You bet when I get my shoes, bra, and strollers I will be doing it more!)

As I cleaned out my car, I found my jump rope and then I came in and found out how to make it work for me. It is the best, most portable workout ever. You don't need the space of jogging or any heavy or burdensome equipment. You can take the rope anyplace and kids like to do it. I used to jump rope with my students at recess!

I also found my bathroom scale. My baby got on it twice and then the batteries died. :(. So now I have something else to buy.

But all in all, my lazy day went fairly well. Ready for the next one!

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