Making a Sports Bra Choice

Now as I read, Self Magazine's The Best Soprts Bra for Big Busts proved to be a very helpful article. I chose to look into the Enell bra and the Panache bra. The Panache bra boasted less juggle while being very flattering. The Enell bra kept popping up all over my search. And both come in my size. There are pictures below.

Panache Sports Bra

Source: via Daya on Pinterest

Enell Sports Bra

Source: via Daya on Pinterest

Now both bras are a little less than $70. While I want to try the Enell, it is not available at any local retailer that I can find and I insist on trying on something that expensive. But yay! The Panache sports bra is available at Nordstrom.

UPDATE 3: Enell has its own sizing, and it is quite simple. Additionally, I found
an online retailer that sells slightly irregular sports bras. They have them up to $20 cheaper!

Be sure to check out the 4 Tips for Buying a Plus Sized Sports Bra for High Impact or Running.

I found this Natori Sports Bra which is far cheaper (about $40)!


I found the Panache Bra at
Sunny J's Lingerie & Leisure
550 Forest Ave.
Plymouth, MI
(734) 453-8584

I found the Enell Bra at
Womens Health Boutique – Livonia
31209 Plymouth Road
Livonia, MI

I found the Natori at
Von Maur
Laurel Park
Livonia, MI 37500

All of the bras can be found at various department stores in the Somerset Collection. I will call around to see who has the bras. I like the price of the Natori. I like the look of the Panache. I like the hold reputation of the Enell.

I am leaning toward the Panache though, but I will see what I can come up with.

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