4 Tips for Buying A Plus Sized Sports Bra for High Impact or Running

Anyone with a big bust knows that the bouncing can be painful, distracting, and aggravating. For this reason, I decided to look into getting a good sports bra for my adventure into running. Beyond the aggregation and pain, wearing a bad bra during a high impact workout can make your boobs saggy. Eww! I don't want that!

During the research on plus sized sports bras, I learned quite a bit, but I will start with how to choose a sports bra.


  1. Know your size. Get measured and fitted. I know for sure that Victoria Secret, Lane Bryant, and sometimes Walmart will measure you for free. Many other department stores will measure you as well. If you want to measure yourself at home, there is a video below or you can try the bra size calculator.
  2. Now choose a bra. There are two ways that sports bras are made for larger busts: compression and encapsulation. Encapsulation is effective and usually flattering, but combining encapsulation with compression is more effective so I may be looking for this.
  3. Additionally, you want to consider the make up of the bra, its construction. The front of the bra shouldn't stretch. Turn the bra inside out and look at the seams. Flatter seams cause less chaffing. Try and choose a bra with at least three hook and eye closures. Zippers are also a good choice. Try to avoid the pullover bras as they tend to offer less support than required.
  4. Try on your bra and jump around. See how it feels. Look in the mirror to see how much your bust bounces. You should have no more than an inch of bounce in any direction. Furthermore, the band should be a bit more snug than your regular bra and your the straps should be fairly wide so that they don't dig.

For Smaller Cup Sizes (C and below)

Bra Fit Tips

A good sports bra is going to cost upward of $50. This is a considerable investment (especially if you purchase multiples). Make sure you choose a bra that will support you. Be sure to check out the sports bras that I have chosen to try.

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