God Can Flex If He Wants

Today's scriptures are from the Book of Job.
Job 38-39
Job 40: 15-41:34
Hymn: This Is My Father's World

In Job 38, God said, "You better check my resume!" Lol! I mean, He goes in as He tells Job just some of the things that He has done. And I say to myself, what a wonderful world! I mean, if God hadn't done these things for us, where would we be; and yet, we are still so dissatisfied! All the things going our way (because God provides) and we find the few that aren't and complain! Now, I am not saying that I could endure what Job experienced, but this whole passage is powerful stuff. First of all, I should only be so grateful that I don't have to endure that which Job did. Second, God created this wonderful world in which He makes sure that we have what we need daily. I need to be grateful for that. I need to focus on what blessings I do have and not the few things I think are lacking. This scripture really put me in my place. I am not God's equal! He is superior! Can't argue or bargain with God! It would do me well to remember these things. It would also do me well to remember that God, in His superior wisdom, has a plan that my mind cannot fathom. I cannot even understand the things that He has already done; how should I begin to pretend that I might understand that which He has only planned?

Then in chapter 39, God shares with Job how He takes care to see that lowly animals are born and that He surely has done this for each of us. What's more, each of us is a precious creation for whom He cares deeply. Aren't we so blessed? God describes animals, who may have qualities that we consider less than desirable, who live relaxed and stress-free lives because God provides for them. That there, my friend, is faith!

Then in Job 41, God flexes for real! He says that not only has He created and maintained things that we couldn't begin to understand truly, but He is stronger than and has defeated monsters that we couldn't begin to step to. I mean then, my God gets really buck and dares someone to jump, saying, "Who then is able to stand against me? Who has a claim against me that I must pay?" Then He proceeds to describe these freaky monsters.

God can flex if He wants! I am just grateful that He is on my side! Today's scriptures proved truly humbling.

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