Day 10: Just Do It!

I got up this morning tired again. I got on Facebook and visited my favorite group, The F.I.T.CHES, INC. and my girl, Ms. Utley posted this pic:

And then I came across this one, too!

And I realized that this is a lifestyle and I can pace myself and experience success. That first one really got me feeling like I should get up and move. If it is one thing that i cannot stand is regret. three months, twenty pounds lighter? no question I want that. So I got my workout on, but five minutes in my baby woke up and he hates my exercise tape. (Lol. So I try to do it when he is asleep.)

So today, I did two miles of the three mile walk. When I make it to the store to get some gym shoes (or better yet to storage). I am going to go in on my running routine. I will be checking all the local Once Upon A Child stores for a jogging stroller. I got my allergy meds already. I will be out. But I didn't push myself particularly hard today. (Getting to the two miles is not particularly hard anymore!) I did get gross and then I took the best hot shower ever and put on lotion! (Can you say mommy spa day?)

I have been doing well with drinking my water--60 to 80 ounces daily.

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