Day 15: To the Game Apply Pressure

I amped it all the way up today by starting Leslie Sansone's Five Mile Fat Burn. I did the first mile and a half this morning. Then I did the first two miles this afternoon. I have come so far in two weeks! At first I couldn't get in one mile--let alone two or three! I totes feel like I can conquer the world. I am so going to finish this workout within the next two weeks.

Now, I admit that I needed quite a few breaks to make it through, but the fact that I hung in there is whats important. I am gearing up for a week of being completely worn out and then a week of slowing down. Pray for me!

After two weeks, Lord willing, I will be ready to run with my bra and running shoes.

And check out my Pinterest board tips and ways to shake up your workout.

P.S. I have been managing to drink around 80 ounces of water per day and have been totes needing it with these workouts and additional fiber!

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