Gotta Get Running Shoes

As a person with weighing over 200 lbs., I have to be very careful when I decide to start running. I have to protect my joints the best I can. I will do this in a few ways. First, I will be doing absolutely no running on concrete until I get below the 200 lb. mark. Second, I will choose good running shoes. So, here is what I have on running shoes:

I have learned that many overweight runners do something called over-pronating. This is when ankles lean in. To see if you do this, put a pair of fairly worn shoes on the table, toes with toes and heels with heels. If the heels lean in, you likely overpronate. You will likely want a motion-control shoe with good support.

These are the issues that I have. So I started by looking up The Active Times' Top Shoes For Heavy Runners. I looked up each shoe. I found that two are on sale at my local Finish Line Store for under $75. (I am on a budget y'all!)

And below is the Brooks Trance 12. I looked at the 10 because it is far cheaper and still a good shoe.

A great resource is the Brooks Running Shoes Website.

So I will be going to look at these shoes this week. Next up, find a good bra! Seriously!

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