Making Bread (No Knead Challah)

So, there is this braid bread that some girls I grew up with used to make during the holidays.  When I got grown, one of the girls lived not to far from me in Atlanta and would have me over for holiday celebrations.  Now, growing up, we called this braid bread: as young adults, one of her friends dubbed it sex bread, saying that it was better than sex. Now, we were supposed to do a recipe swap where I got this recipe, but we fell out right after I took my turn on the swap. 

So I have tasked myself with finding this recipe. It is a slightly sweet bread with an egg wash on top.  I remember the girls did not have a stand mixer and did a lot of kneading.  (I don't knead!)  So I found a recipe for daisy bread on pinterest, and I also found a no knead challah bread.  Both are very easy recipes that I think should do the trick.  (The recipes are linked below.) I used the no-knead challah bread version and put it in a loaf pan.  (I really wanted to use it for French toast, but it is so good!)

Here is the recipe I used:

Since I was making loaves, I baked them for 24 minutes.  Mmmmmmmmm!

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