Getting Ready for New Years Resolutions

Now, if you actually read my blog, you may notice that I make resolutions and plans all times of year: New Years resolutions, birthday resolutions, Monday resolutions, tomorrow resolutions, soon-as-I-get-*insert necessary object here* resolutions! and on and on... So why not now, when most people are doing them.  

I am constantly trying to learn to live a more healthy lifestyle.  I really want to be more healthy because I want to be here for my son and be able to play with him!  That is important to me!  I can now, but it think that the only reason I don't have health and mobility problems is because I am still fairly young.  

So, if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I will be doing a few things in 2014 that I have never done before.

I will begin by noting certain things that have caused my past learning experiences (or what others would cause failures). The second thing I will do is plan how to address each of these issues.  The third thing is to accept, and expect, help from my mom. (I know this sounds horrible, but you would have to know the relationship and how she treats me for being fat.) Fourth, I will be journaling so that I can recognize various traps and see my successes.  

I like routine and predictability, but I have a tendency to be very feeling and passion oriented.  Furthermore, I indulge myself based on these feelings.  In plain language, I baby myself, engage in emotional eating, am easily distracted, and can seem quite lazy.  To address this, I need to add an element of fun and challenge to my healthy lifestyle.

I don't really care to cook.  This is mostly because I hate cleaning the kitchen and have thousands of other things on my mind I would rather be doing with my limited time. (Remember, I can be quite passionate about things and this leads to distraction.) To address this, I need to buy paper plates!!  This will be a tremendous help.  I will also clean as I cook and find quick recipes.  I can also prepare bulk batches and eat leftovers.  (I have absolutely no problem with leftovers.)

Bulk batches present an additional problem for me. I have problems with portion control, especially when eating something I like.  I can address this by portioning the food out as I put away the leftovers. I will need gobs of ziplock bags.

I have to figure out what my son will eat.  He doesn't like my cooking.  My mom has him hooked on the heavily processed, sugary and salty foods.  I want him to eat better too. (This adds to my cooking frustrations!) He has a tendency to like fried foods and oven fried does the trick.  I may have to just cook him separate food.  I don't mind.  I know a lot of people don't do it, but we grew up with separate food because we ate leftovers.  My grandmother would cook lots of food on Sunday, and variety doesn't do the Sunday meal justice.  But then we are what we wanted on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, until it ran out.  I may have to do us both up with some left overs and just warm them up!

It is hard to exercise with my son awake, but he never sleeps!  Omg!  He is insomnia! My mother told me she wants me to lose weight and has been telling me this since I was about eight years old.  She has volunteered to keep my son while I go walk on the treadmill in the apartment gym.  Not only will I be taking her up on this offer, I will also be holding her to this promise.  I know that on Mondays and Wednesdays she had something to do.  On these days, I will be working out before my son gets up!  I will be participating in YouTube Fitness!

I am very tired from working out and don't want to do anything on those days.  This is a problem because I tend to indulge these feelings of fatigue.  I really. Don't do well with being tired!  I get cranky and lazy.  Add this to a child who never sleeps and living in tight quarters, and you have a recipe for disaster.  The good thing is that I am generally more chill when I am working out regularly.  The time out daily for working out may also relieve stress. I also will be journaling to help me get out some frustrations.  I will also make sure to get proper rest.  I know folk say 8 hours, but my body does best with about 10.  I will also be aiming to drastically cut back on refined sugars, simple starches, and caffeine which affect sleeping patterns and mood.  (For me this also means, absolutely no chocolate!! I love the taste but it takes me out emotionally and keeps me up at night.) Finally, the tv will be going off at night, and I am considering switching to incandescent light bulbs in the bedroom.

I am horrible at keeping journals, but I need to.  I also need to reflect on it at the end of the day!  It should include feelings, activities, sleep patterns, and food!  I want a notebook at a pen! I will keep it with me, write everything, and read it before bed.  It doesn't need to be fancy or well written, just "wrote down." I think to help this, I will be making a template or whatnot to follow in my journal.  Maybe some stamps would be helpful, like those stamp markers. Oh, let's be for real.  I am going to lose those!

Finally, my hair!!  Solution: corn rows under a wig.

Add fun and challenge to workouts
Find recipes I like: some simple with less clean up and some culinary masterpieces, lots of oven fried for the mini me
Paper plates and bowls
Cook big meals and put leftovers away in portion controlled ziplock bags
Get sleep in
Turn off tv at night
Incandescent light bulbs in the bedroom
Journal about feelings, activities, sleep patterns, and food. (Add these to a template.)  Reflect at night and notice patterns.  Maybe every now and again, I should go back and highlight certain things to notice more thematic patterns
Cut back on sugar drastically.  I think I will be avoiding refined sugar for at least January.  I may not be able to do it completely, but I will be looking to avoid it as much as possible. This means cooking more at home.
I will also be using the glycemic index to make better starch choices.

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