Strikes My Fancy: Learn to Sew Video's and Pattern Drafting Series

It is notebook time again... Here is a pattern fitting series that was shared in my sewing group. I gave it a once over. She seems to a different approach than what I am familiar with so I will be rereading the series again. 

Strikes My Fancy: Pattern Fitting Series: I am presenting a pattern fitting series entitled "My Approach to Successful Pattern Fitting".   This series is written and produ... 

She also has a beginners sewing series as well.

Strikes My Fancy: Learn to Sew Video's: Hi!  I'm very excited to share with you that I've decided to expand into Video!!  I'm working on a series of videos that will b...

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StrikesMyFancy said...
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StrikesMyFancy said...

Thanks for sharing my Pattern Fitting Series and Video information with your readers. Roxanne

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