NCSU Permaculture Lectures

I had begun viewing these lectures using iTunes U, but the set on iTunes U doesn't include the field trips. However, they were available through the North Carolina State University website.  I do believe that the videos must have played in Flash because they were inaccessible on my mobile device.  So to view the field trips, I would have to lug out the laptop--a feat reserved for only those assignments in school that cannot be accomplished using my iPad.  Now I did it once, but it was just too much trouble. (I have thousands of things to do and thousands of things on my mind.  This iPad just supports the scatterbrain better.)

Anyhow, I have recently decided to take a break from real life, and I remember really enjoying watching these classes.  So, I decided to re-download iTunes U, and what I realized is that the video that I left off on is missing from the set on iTunes U.

So, with a here's-to-hoping attitude, I decided to check the set of videos on the NCSU website, and terrific news!! They have done something so that the videos are available through QuickTime!

So without further ado, here are Will Hooker's Intro to Permaculture Lectures on the NCSU website, complete with field trips!

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