Making a Moby Wrap

I got a Moby Wrap for my son (and never used it!) The thing was close to $50, too!  Choosing a color was so hard because I wasn't buying more than one.  So, I went with black.  I still have it though, and if I have another baby, I will absolutely use it!  However, they are super simple to make.....even for my sewing skills (which are currently around Level Circle Skirt and Pajama Pants).  So, I will be making these for my cousins, one of which just had a baby and the other who is preggers.

I came across a wonderfully helpful link: 
It links to several tutorials, how to wrap it, and ways to save on fabric.  I still have more reading to do!

But for now, here is what I can gather.

It should be made from a piece of fabric that is 5-6 yards long.  You could use 2.5-3 yards of fabric cut in half and sewn with a zigzag stitch to make your long piece if you are only making one; however,  you don't want to sew, just buy fabric that legnth and cut it.

It should be 21 inches wide in the center.  One lady said that she prefers the center to be just 18 inches.  I would be more comfy with the center being longer since it is the part that really supports the baby.

It should taper to 4 inches at the ends.  Some tutorials include the taper and some don't.  I don't think it matters too much seeing as how different women are different sizes which means that the taper will be in various places on different women.

Finally, there is fabric choice (and I do mean choice): The tutorials have mentioned cotton gauze, microfleece (very warm), baby rib knit, muslin, 5% spandex or lycra and 95% cotton, stretchy knit, and 60/40 cotton/polyester fabric.  The only thing I haven't seen mentioned is tulle! (Wink! Wink! Lol!). You have plenty of freedom with this.  I will be using something a bit stretchy.  If I remember correctly, it is a bit stretchy.  But even so, stretchy seems so much more comfortable.  Oh, I almost forgot!  I saw someone mention a 4 way stretch knit fabric.

From the dimensions, you can likely determine the best way to make your wrap, but if not, check out one of the tutorials in the link at the beginning of the post!  It really is a good read!

And be sure to check out their instruction manual for great info 

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