A Good Man

I came across this on Facebook.

It is what every woman wants!  Ok, well, maybe not every woman, but it is definitely what I want!  I would also add the following:
He loves the Lord and finds his strength in God.

Then, there are other things that I just love:
He is intelligent and can explain things to me!
He can make me laugh!
He can and will cook!
He can do hair (in case we have a little girl)!
He can maintain the outside of a house!
He can fix stuff!
And no man should ever know what talking about the inside workings of a car or plane does to me! (Whew, I had a moment, lol)!
A man that can sing or play instruments has the same effect as the man who can fix cars! 
Finally, ice cream!  If he gets me ice cream, we should get married.  Lol

Just thinking aloud, or in writing.  Nothing important, this is just the stuff that "makes me melt like a Popsicle on the Fouth of July!"

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