A Good Healthy Loaf of Bread

I was wondering how exactly you could make something as basic as bread "low calorie."  So I googled it and found this wonderful thread on the topic.  The thread discusses the benefits of various flours, how to lower glycemic index, and other health tips for bread baking.

I also found some articles about bread makers, in which I think I will invest when I get a house.  This first article convinced me:

Then under the Related Articles, I found help selecting a bread maker machine, beginners tips, and how to convert a regular yeast recipe to a bread maker recipe!  Yippee!  She also has several recipes on her site as well!  Yay!

I do believe the recipe made in the question thread is made in a bread maker, FYI.

Fifteen more easy yeast bread recipes for until I get that bread maker machine:

And I also found this link about how to make bread in a Crock Pot slow cooker.  There is a link to a recipe there as well:

And one more round up with tips on yeast:

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