Sweater Dresses and Cowl Neck Hooded Dresses

Immediately upon seeing McCall's 6796, I knew I wanted to lengthen it into a sweater dress.

Here are some informative posts on sewing sweater knits:

But then I saw this.

And I knew I wanted it in a sweater dress too, but maybe not so long.

So, I began Googling and came upon the Weekend Designer's Hooded Cowl.

I also know that you match the bottom of your hood to the size of the neck opening for the top to which it is being attached so I am thinking of using a cowl neck pattern even though this uses a simple scoop neck.

Then, I would add the hooded cowl onto it.

I will be back to update with the finished product.  If I don't, leave a comment here on on my Facebook page.

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Sweater Dresses and Cowl Neck Hooded Dresses ...

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