Dior Orange Skirt

I absolutely must beg forgiveness for the disorganization of this post!  As I have said in previous posts, this is my notebook that I choose to share.  This is it's notebook-ness at its best.  If you are totally confused, please leave a comment.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this skirt!  I don't need any luxurious fabric. (I am told its probably taffeta.) I just need to probably put something between the skirt and the lining to make it puff up like that.  I was also advised that it may need a hoop or horsehair in the hem.  I was further advised that the horsehair may be sewn upward from the hem onto the tulle and a wonderful seamstress said she would under stitch the hem edge to the lining and the fashion fabric to secure it!  Another wonderful seamstress said crinoline which was what I was thinking of using!

I don't know how the designer achieved this look, but I am considering making a three quarter circle skirt with a high low hem.  (If I can't figure that out, I will simply do a full circle.). 

I think that for the high part, I would measure the length to just below my knee; for the low part, I would measure the length to the ground (plus some 4 inch heels).  

For the length of the inner circle (waist circumference), I would add about two to three feet on the high side of the skirt so that it can wrap and make the front folds. (I am thinking the folds are 6 to 8 inches.

Finally, I would make it wrap, but I would be sure to make the top piece wrap and fasten with a hook and eye and the ties would be simply decoration.

As with all my plan posts, if you don't see the finished product, leave a comment here or on Facebook.

UPDATE: I found this on Facebook! 

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Tracy said...

Hi! I just stumbled across this post as I am looking to make the same skirt (except in blue, a la Marion Cotillard's awards show version). I'd be interested to know how you went with it, and if there's anything else you could share regarding its construction? Thanks!

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