Fall Fashion 2013- Mini Challenge 1 (and my shirt dress)

The first Mini Challenge is to create a color collage based on an inspiration piece. Check out the video description:

For my inspiration, I chose memories memories from my childhood. It begins with a sugar maple tree in the fall. I remember walking home from school in the fall and seeing the tree. It was dying so the top branches were always bare and with the red, yellow, and orange leaves, it looked like it was burning--burning a nice warm fire on those chilly days.

And what do you need on those chilly days? Hot cocoa! And the hot cocoa made me think of snow days! We would always play outside in the dark, early in the morning on snow days. And when my mother made us come in, we always had cocoa.

I read in one of the sewing Facebook groups that your fashion should tell a story. This is the story that my collection will tell! One of happy childhood memories! So without further adue, here is my color collage for my fall/winter collection:

Many people have made comments about the red Dior flared shirt dress. I guess I am going to have to make that one. So, here are some ideas on how to go about getting 'er done!

Here are patterns similar to the red Dior shirt dress from Vogue, Butterick, and another Butterick that a wonderful lady in the Facebook Group was lovely enough to share with me! I may to see if I can find a plus sized blouse to sub into the Butterick pattern--one that will go over my bust.

I may even be able to draft the pattern using the bodice and a wrap circle skirt.

Or I may end up grading up the pattern and doing a full bust adjustment to the Butterick pattern.

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