Falling Off the Band Wagon Is Better Than Not Starting

Summer school kicked my butt
...and I stopped exercising
...and I ate bad
...and I am back where I started weight-wise.

So I have decided to just start from scratch with my plan again. I am going to eat healthy; drink 100 oz of water daily; and spend lots of time with my baby.

Now, a lot of people may look at my journey as two steps forward and three steps back, but I don't.
First of all, I would be much bigger if I hadn't started working out before.
Second, the great thing is that there is no need to wait while I am getting what I need this time. I have my bras, my shoes, my stroller... I want an MP3 player (the cheapest one out), but I don't need it. I can do my thing without it.
Third, I know my body better. I know how to push myself. I know I can do it. Fourth, I am still more physically fit than when I first began. I only fell off the boat for a month. I still maintain some of the endurance that I built.
Fifth, I know what I am doing a bit better this time. Last time, it was hard to create a plan because I didn't know what to expect. Now, having worked a fitness plan before, I know how to make it fit into my day better. I have a better idea what to expect.

The sixth and best reason is that...

All in all, I am excited to get back to my daily workouts! I know it seems lame, but it was my little gift to myself each day. It was time that was for me, even if my LO participated.

So, I have some ideas that I am excited about:
First, I love the Leslie Sansone Walks that I have. I will continue to do this whenever I have time. I really enjoy them.
Second, if I don't have time to myself, my son and I will go out in his "rocket ship," which is what he calls his stroller.
Third, I want to take some time and use the elliptical and stationary bike in my apartment fitness room.
Fourth, I will be doing the plank, squat, crunch, push-ups challenge.
Fifth, I will be working to get more flexibility with various yoga poses. (I don't have a resource for this yet, but if you have any suggestions available at Walmart for under $10, leave a comment.)

So, in the end, for me, it is better to have started and stopped and have to start completely over from the beginning that to not have started at all!

P.S. I am ready for my workouts, but the eating better... I truly feel like I could pass on that, but I am going to take that up too. :(

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