Mason Jar Easy Clean-Up, No Spill Smoothies (not a recipe)

Everyone swears by smoothies and in my opinion, they will help me get the fruits and veggies in. Only problem is getting them made, cleaning the blender, and finding something to put them into until I have a moment to drink them, right? Enter the mason jar!

First, the mason jar can fit most blenders, giving you the flexibility of having more than one container to blend in.

Second, you can use the mason jar as your cup which is something you definitely don't want to try with the blender pitcher. What makes this even better is the ability to do one of two things: completely close the jar so that you can throw it in your bag and walk out the door or make one of these no spill tops for your mason jar.

Here are the materials in the above tutorial:
mason jar lids
a drill with a 3/8in drill bit
Rubber grommets
(Click the link below the picture to read the entire instructions.)

Here are two options for the holes:

If you choose to keep your top whole, putting a cupcake paper over the top makes a nice little cover if you want to drink it in the car!

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