I Hurt My Knee! What do I do with this joint pain?

I hurt my knee. I think it is a torn meniscus or cartilage tear. I don't have health insurance so I can't see a doctor. This leaves me with the Internet. I will be trying the following plan. I won't stop moving though. My workouts help me remember to eat better. I will just be going super low impact.

Now for this first set of exercises, you do the first five right away. The others you wait for the pain to subside. So, start with the passive knee extension, heel slide, calf stretch, hamstring stretch on wall, and straight leg raise. As the pain subsides, work on the rest to strengthen your knees. Click the links below the images for more details on the specific exercises. The link will take you to the original articles.

I don't have one of these ball things and don't intend to buy one, but I offer this to anyone who may like it.

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Source: via Daya on Pinterest

Diet Improvement for Joint Health:

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