Days 1 and 2 of 30 Day Slimdown

The first day, I was able to do about 5 minutes before stopping with my heart about to explode from my chest. Then my knees were hurting. I thought that it was the squats, but now I think that it is the push-ups. You see, I do the modified push-ups. I have never really done push-ups, but I have done squats for years. I never have knee problems! I also jump rope so I know it is not the jumping jacks. It has to be the push-ups.

For this, I think knee pads, but to save money, I use a pillow.

I intend to finish this workout by Monday. Then, I will start the challenge.

UPDATE: I went back and tried the workout again. This time I made it to 14 minutes. Half way! Like I said, Monday, I start the challenge!

Additionally, I will not engage in jumping jacks because they are hard on the knees like running. I will be wearing my new shoes and jogging in place. I may even incorporate some of the Leslie Sansone moves that used to wear me out (side steps with arms, jogging with arms flying, that tap out with arms, knee lifts with arms, etc.). There are too many low impact cardio exercises that i can substitute to ensure my knee safety! Besides jumping jacks aren't even that demanding!

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