Washed and Trimmed My Own Natural Hair (and with a clingy toddler intow)

I washed and trimmed my hair today. I had intended to do it on Mother's Day, but all plans went awry! So today I decided to just do it.

I washed, two-strand twisted, and trimmed my hair. I washed my hair with the olive oil mixed in and it made a difference. I mean I should be ashamed to say it, but my hair was matted. I just mixed a dime amount into the shampoo--Instant Detangling Shampoo (and it does make a difference)! And then I conditioned as usual. When I got out the shower, I combed my hair out and put it into six plaits--three on the left and three on the right. Oh! I forgot to mention that I used a detangler too (pictured below). I don't swear by the stuff or anything, but between the olive oil and the detangler, I was able to comb my matted hair. (I feel shame every time I type that so I won't anymore.)

Now, how did I do it with my extra clingy toddler?
First, I prepped. I turned a dvd on repeat play in the bedroom. Then I put a long movie on the iPad and brought it into the bathroom.
Now, the fastest way for me to wash my hair is in the shower so...
He took a shower with me and got his hair washed. By the time his hair was washed, he was ready to get out. He got out, got his towel, wrapped up in it, and played with the iPad while I washed my own hair. I washed myself while the conditioner set. Rinsed everything and got out.

When we got in the room, his video was on and the iPad was playing Muzzy in French quite loudly. Omg! It was tres aggravating, but you can't have everything, eh? He played with toys, watched the television, and played on the iPad most of the time that it took me to do my hair. When he came over to me, I reminded him that I had to finish my hair and gave him a brush to do his own. (He seemed satisfied with the opportunity to participate.) He brushed his hair and then went back to playing.

All, in all, I got my hair done in about two hours. In fact, both of us got our hair washed, and both of us got bathed in about two hours. Now our hair is a air drying. (I was not in the mood for frightening him with the blow dryer after such a peaceful and productive day, but in winter or when leaving the house, this may be necessary.

I would take pictures, but my hair looks really bad in two-strand twists. This is not a hairstyle for me, but rather a means to an end. It is the easiest way for a bent (not broke) girl to trim her own ends. I will style it later and likely take picture.

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