The Release of Toxins from Fat During Substantial Weight Loss

As I began my workout plan, I got sick. The time before, I got sick when I got started working out. I was telling a friend that the Devil must be trying to stop me or get me down, but I won't let him. So yesterday, I was talking to this same friend and she informed me that when you lose weight, toxins are released in your system. This seemed pretty plausible because I remember hearing someplace that fat bundles toxins in order to protect us from them. So, logically, when our protection (fat) breaks down, toxins are released. I had such a duh moment. That is why I have been sick every time I begin to workout! Then I had another duh moment: that is the reason for al the detox diets. I never knew what detoxes were for. Now I do.

I was curious so I Googled "fat toxin weight loss." I learned some interesting things.

In the first article, I learned about the 4 P's:
This is your body's way of expelling toxins. When losing weight, we must maximize these four P's.
People make fat to protect them from being poisoned so you have to detox:

Why detox overview:

So now, how do I detox?

Detox foods:

Remove dangerous toxins from fat cells using Ayurveda (
He suggested three things for belly fat which is my problem:
Amalaki, which experts say should be banned:

Side Effects:

After all this research, I have arrived at the following conclusion: There are some pretty extreme detoxes which can likely prove quite dangerous, but it is likely true that we have an abundance of harmful chemicals in our bodies that can cause illness and discomfort. It is also very likely that these chemicals and toxins are stored in fat and derived from our food and environment.

Processed foods, chemical pesticides, genetically modified organisms, our cleaning products, plastics, and our lifestyles in general are toxic, but such is life. From the moment we begin living, we begin dying. What is life without death? I remember talking to a man who was nearing 100 years old. He complained that he watched all the people he cared about die. It made me look differently on long lives. If we cannot enjoy our time, is a long life worth it?

So, we come to a talk about balance again. While chemical pesticides are bad for you so are the organic methods, which include using copper as a pesticide. In my effort to detox, I will try to use organic because copper seems simpler to wash off. When I get a house, I will grow a garden, using the allium family and biointensive methods, like permaculture, avoiding all pesticideds. For now though, I will try my hardest to reduce my consumption of pesticides, GMOs, and processed foods. I will increase my fruits and vegetable intakes and ear detoxifying foods. I will try to fight these sick symptoms that I experience by increasing my zinc intake and taking cod liver oil. When I used to take cod liver oil, I ever got sick. I will continue with my fitness routine and drink water.

Overall, I think the best thing that I gained from this research is twofold. First, I learned that our body can handle some toxins but we need to reduce the toxins as much as possible so that they are at a level that our body can expel effectively. This means eating according to the recommendation that I noted above and cleaning using less toxic products. Second, I learned the 4 P's: pee, poop, perspire, and pranayama (respiration). If we help our bodies to maximize these functions, we will release toxins naturally. This means drink water, eat fiber, workout, and learn belly breathing. I think I got it!

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