The Bible as a History Text

Today's Scriptures are as follows:
1 Kings 19
1 Chronicles 22
Acts 9

I also looked at 1 Kings 1: 6-14. I just noticed all the conditions on God's love in the Old Testament. (Just check out verse 12! That's a lot of ands!)

Then as I read Acts 9, I truly felt a deep appreciation for Jesus and his love and forgiveness. As I read about Saul's trust in The Lord, I felt inspired to trust Him more as well. That is called faith! As I read, I saw how the Lord continuously took good care of him and watched out for him. Not that I want to endure the punishment, but that is something we often bring upon ourselves. And the Lord is always with us through it and on the other side. We just have to trust and live His Word.

As these were narrative accounts for historical record, there weren't any quotes that spoke to me in any particular way.

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