Presenting...The-One-and-Only...Mother Teacher Scatterbrain

Every mother, woman, teacher...hell, person has a million things they want to do with their lives. Well, every interesting person does. I don't claim to be a good writer. I don't claim to be an exceptional story teller. I am just a momma and a teacher who is constantly mulling things over and this is my place to comment.

I believe that I can learn something from every person--even those I have deemed complete idiots! I also know that I can learn from every experience--even those that seem utterly useless! So on this blog I will take you along as I learn and grow as a Christian, mother, teacher, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, musician, polyglot, glampacker, couponer, permaculture activist, housekeeper, and anything else that tickles my fancy for the moment!

As the title implies, I can be all over the place. I once had a friend and coworker tell me that she loved to watch my face, especially at faculty meetings, because it changed every time my thoughts changed. And they change like the weather! I feel like life is full of so much beauty, excitement, happiness, love, friendship, peace, and adventure. Why limit my choices? My mother always told me to create situations in which I am able to choose not hoping to be chosen!

Above I listed some of my current and perspective roles. There are quite a few! This blog is a part of my effort to figure out how to do it all or at least prioritize. It is a place for me to reflect. So, why keep procrastinating? Let me start!

Here are the things that I want to do as of today! 

Read the entire Bible again and be more focused this time. (Will post what I read each day.)
Teach my baby (Will post activities)
Work out (will post updates)
Eat better (will post recipes and links to recipes)
Enjoy my family
Begin couponing (will post deals)
Learn French (will post resources)
Improve Spanish (will post resources)
Enjoy more music (will share)
Read more (will share)

Given time, I want to...
Save for a house
Travel in style
Have a garden

This is the best way that I can organize my life's goals and ambitions for now. They are really in no particular order except to be sure, I love my Lord and then my son. Other than that the rest are fighting for third. Notice my job didn't make the list because I have faith that The Lord will provide.

Anyhow, as a scatterbrain, you will notice that my posts will seem all over the place and sometimes I will post intensively on one topic only to completely neglect another. Understand that that is a part of my scatterbrained beauty and that I will be back to the topic.

Maybe we can grow together, feel free to share and comment on posts. Join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let's begin this journey to enjoy life!

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