In My First Effort at Fitness--Running

Ok so this is going to be my first go at losing weight. I am going to try to make a lifestyle change. And all that yada jazz!

But for real though... I remember my dear friend telling me of the time she mouthed off to her mother and her mother got mad. My friend was a teenager and well beyond that age when you come when you know your mother is going to blow yo' mouth out. So she ran. My friend told me that she was never so scared of her mother as when her mother caught her. Funny thing is that the whipping didn't scare my friend; it was the fact that her forty-something year old mother caught her.

I so want to be that mother. I have never been faster than anyone! I want to change that now!

I want to be Sonic the Hedgehog fast! I don't really want to catch my son for spankings as much as I want to race him and play catch and just enjoy his company and doing the things that he likes. So here goes...

In 6 weeks, I want to...
Lose 20 pounds
Be able to run for 30 minutes
Be able to run a 5K (even though I haven't heard the first thing about a race)
Keep an exercise journal for six weeks
I also want to some weight training

I want to...
Find five to seven healthy recipes that I like and are simple enough to make
Eat more servings of fruits and vegetables (my doctor suggested 9 to 10 servings)
Journal what I eat each day for the six weeks.

I am thinking about push ups. Right now I can do all of negative 2 push ups. I wonder what would be a good goal for that. I know that a push up requires that you lift your own body weight. Should I perhaps wait until I lose some weight?

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