Lose Six Inches Off Your Waist in Six Weeks?

I see these miracle workouts and diets all the time in magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store, but I wonder if they work. I wonder who tries them and what else they do to get such results.

The Sexy Summer Slim Down claims to offer result of up to six inches off you waist and ten pounds weight loss in six weeks.

Do you think it works? Do you want to put it to the test?

I created two infographics (ok really collages with text) to help myself remember the exercises for the strength section and the stretches. All you need is a medicine ball and yourself for the workout and a stability ball for the stretch.

What you have to do:
You will have to do the strength routine three non consecutive days.
You will also have to do the stretch routine.
And you will have to do a cardio routine three days, one of which needs to be interval.

For more information read the article, Sexy Summer Slim Down.

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