Dr. Sebi and the Cure for the Incurable

In reading about Dr. Afrika and African Holistic Health, I came across Dr. Sebi, who claims to have the cure for AIDS. I'm just saying, let me find out. He describes something called "electric foods."

Nutritional recommendations from Dr. Sebi's website:
You have to scroll down, but it is there. I love the way the website says that if it is not on this list, it is not worth eating.

Electric Food list PDF

On another note, man cured of HIV, documented in medical journals. If I understand correctly, he had a bone marrow transplant from someone who is immune to AIDS. I may take the time to look for the medical journal in which this article is featured.

Which has led me down a path into cures for the incurable. I don't have anything incurable, but this is my scatterbrained-ness. I just get curious.

One question though: If these men aren't quacks, why don't the use their real names? Just saying.

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