Best Workout-Proof Natural Hairstyles - What I decided to try with MYhair

So, in looking for styles to try, I had three qualifications:
No, loose ends
They had to keep during a workout
They had to be pretty quick

So, to start, I will "wash and stuff" my hair according my quickest easiest post.

Then, although it is not quick, I will two strand twist my hair because it so desperately needs a trim. (I had a cosmetologist friend recommend this to me years ago.) I will twist the hair and cut about a quarter to Hal inch from the bottom of each twist.

I may wear the twists for a while, then I want to try FLAT TWISTS INTO A BUN. If I can get this to hold up to my workout, it may be a go-to favorite. The tutorial is below. I will part my hair better though. I like a more polished look.

Although it doesn't conform to the "no loos ends" rule, I like the BANTU KNOT OUT. It is a really pretty hair style for a person with my length. I like that I can knot my hair up easily at night and during workouts. Knotted properly (roots pulled tight), tied up (two-scarf style), and allowed to dry before undoing, this hair-do should stand the up to the workout test.

So, here I go. I start in the morning, hopefully. And prayerfully, I can get the trim underway and maybe even the flat twists into a bun.

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