Doing Laundry With My Toddler (like how he helps) and Montessori Color Boxes

When I have laundry to do, my two year can actually be so helpful. He loves to throw things into the washing machine. When things are done washing, I take them out of the washing machine and he puts them into the dryer which is great because he and the dryer door are low to the ground. Then, he takes the clothes out of the dryer and puts them into the laundry basket. Then I take them and fold them.

Soon, I will teach him to sort by color, but he has to have a stronger understanding of colors and various shades of colors, but there are Montessori lessons for that.

Montessori Color Box 1
Montessori Color Box 2
Montessori Color Box 3

Instead of color tablets, I used paint chips from the hardware store. They are FREE and you only need two of each. In my opinion, they are just as delicate as the silk if not moreso, and if you don't need them to last through class after class of thirty small children like Maria Montessori did, they should do just fine.

So, DIY tip: paint chips instead of color tablets.

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