Days 12 and 13: Shopping and I Finished the Three Mile

So, Friday and Saturday, I shopped with my mom and son. Plenty of walking because we made a day of it.

Today, Sunday, May 19, 2013, after less than two weeks, I finished Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home Three Mile Walk tape! I did take two brakes, but I pushed myself! I fully intend to finish it tomorrow morning. I learned that my biggest barrier to finishing is time. On day 3, if my baby wouldn't have woke up, I would have finished. Today, I learned that I had made it to the cool down on that day. So, I got this. I am going to amp up my moves tomorrow and kill it! I will work this one for the rest of the week and then I am moving on to the five mile. Once I master the five mile (I give myself two weeks!), I will begin to add running into my program. In the first post about exercise, I expressed the desire to run a 5K (3.1 miles). I am going to be there in six weeks with my own program. I bet in three weeks when I begin running, I will be able to run the whole three miles on the first time!

Lets see!

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