Day 9: Lower Intensity, Calisthenics, and Tibetan Rites

So today, I was feeling particularly sluggish, and while I am extremely proud of my progress last week, I am going to take it easy this week. I have been particularly inactive for several years and so this high level of exercise may be causing my immune system to be suppressed. That may be the reason that I am feeling particularly funky. So this week, I will be doing the one mile walk and calisthenics or yoga for the rest of this week.

-Pull-ups and push-ups
-Abdominal exercises
-Trunk curls
-Pelvic tilts (hip raisers)
-Leg kicks
-Knee bends
-Instep touches
-Tuck-jump, side jumps, jumping jacks
-Walking lunges
-Shadow boxing

Five Tibetan Rites

And more ideas from a previous post.

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