Day 4: Woke Up Too Tired and Stuffy/ 30 Day Challenge /4 Weeks to5K/2Weeks to Splits/ Drinking Water Tip

This morning I woke up tired and with a splitting headache. I have been suffering with some congestion issues for about two weeks now. I have stuffy nose, stuffy throat (you know when you choke on mucus), and stuffy ears (I can barely hear). I have been roughing it out, but I was too tired to work out this morning. I could barely get out of bed. I decided that I would exercise if the headache at least let up. It didn't so none today.

On another note, I have been looking at some Thirty Day Challenges and month long 5K training programs. Here they are below:

Train for a 5K in One Month:
This site provides the exact plan for learning to run for 30 minutes straight in a month. There are also links to other levels of similar trainings, those for beginners and more advanced athletes.

And a 30 Day Squat/Crunch/Plank Challenge

And maybe I could improve my flexibility a bit:


I also discovered that if I am feeing for some sweet candy (Starbursts, Skittles, etc.), I can mix pineapple juice and water. But here is the strange kicker part... Then, I drink the juice/water mix from my son's sippy cup that releases fluid the slowest. (The cheap ones with hard inserts are good, but a baby bottle would serve the same purpose.) At the same time, keep a glass or bottle of plain water nearby to drink along with it. Don't allow yourself to finish the juice until you finish the water. Now look: In addition to the plain water you had on the side, you have also drunk 4 extra ounces of water!

Drinking an eight ounce glass of pineapple juice is nutritionally similar to eating a pack of Starburst Fruit Chews in terms of calories and sugar content. So when you half the juice, it is like halfing the pack of Starbursts. And let's be for real, we can all eat four or five of these little delights in a heartbeat! The important thing to remember is that if you drink the juice according to my suggestion, you are contributing to your daily water intake as well as consuming the vitamins and minerals available in real pineapple juice. And let us not forget about how long it will take you to drink it from the cheap sippy cup! Enjoy it long time!

UPDATE 2: worked out after all! I did Leslie Sansone's 2 mile walk. Quit with 10 minutes left. Sweat like a pig though! So not cute! But pretty good for a sick person. And I did some cleaning so take that! I am going to finish the 3 mile next time. I am determined.

Drank 8 glasses of water and had about 7 servings of fruits and veggies!

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