Day 3: Woulda Made It to the End, But Baby Wasn't Having It

Today I made it almost to the two mile mark without stopping. I got to the 20 minute mark. Two miles is at 17 minutes! Then I kept going until the 8 minute mark. Once you get into that third mile, she starts saying crazy stuff. Like she said that we were working on balance and coordination. All I could think is that the more tired I get, the less of those things I have. I kept moving my arms until I got to the endurance section.

New goal: When I get to the end of the tape, I will go to the end without entering endurance mode! I will flail my arms like a sissy fighting until the bitter end! (And I mean no offense to homosexuals as I never actually call them sissies.)

I would have made it to the end, but my baby woke up and insisted that I hold him. I didn't object to the break, but I would have gotten back up and finished but he wasn't having it. I think he has had enough of Leslie and her workout so we finished up by doing the warm up from Zumba Mayan Riviera. I thought to try it, but I was ooey-gooey-gross. I mean dripping sweat and it is not even hot in here!


Tomorrow, I will not stop until the two mile mark and I WILL finish the tape. I can do it. I could have done it today! I will speak over myself and encourage myself in the Lord! I spoke it, half believing at the start of the week and now I am well on the way to accomplishing my goal! God is good!

P.S. I got my eight glasses. No where near the ten fruits and vegetables though! Try again tomorrow.

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