Dr. Afrika and Afican Holistic Health

Right after I had my son, I was talking to the custodian at the school where I worked. I remember him wearing masks in the spring to combat the Georgia pollen and reduce his allergies, but this spring, he wasn't. He had gotten very ill at the beginning of the school year--heart problems, I think.

Since that incident, I saw him get steadily stronger and when I asked him about allergies a year later, he told me that since he stopped eating junk, he doesn't have allergies. All I could remember was that he is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat refined sugar, and he extols the virtues of spelt bread (which he spelt for me, lol, I made a funny).

Anyhow, now a year later, I am suffering with allergy and sinus problems such that I cough, sniff, and experience this jacked up hearing problem that I call stuffy ears. I choke n plain air and I think that I may have a touch of asthma. (You love my medical terms! I know I am no doctor, but I know my discomfort well.) I am also looking to lose weight and improve my health all together.

I find myself sitting at home wishing that I could remember what the custodian had told me. (I was listening, but I was really distracted!) I had planned to ask a friend who still worked at the school to ask the custodian about his healthy diet.

Well, skip to two days ago...
I was telling my friend that I wanted to lose some weight. I told her that I was thinking about using Weight Watchers. She started telling me about the African Holistic Diet. She said if you eat right, you should lose weight. She said it is on YouTube.

So, I decided to look into it. I could only find African Holistic Health. She said that was it. I found the book on Scribd.

Yesterday, I asked her about it again and she reminded me that it is on YouTube as well! (I can't believe I forgot! I am a YouTube freak! I am all for watching TV because I can do that easier than reading with a toddler around.)

So, I got up this morning trying to see what I could find. I found the name Dr. Afrika. (The bigger the variety of search terms you have, the bigger the variety of info you can find, in my opinion.)

So, below, you will find the embedded Scribd document and YouTube playlist (which will be updated as I find more videos).

It is, however, important to point out criticism of African Holistic Health and Dr. Afrika's methods:

I was unable to find much else. I looked on Amazon and other sellers at customer reviews. Most customers who were displeased cited disorganization of information in the book, racist overtones, and quackery.

I haven't reviewed any of this material. If I ever get around to it, I will post and link back on this post.

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