Day 2: Didn't Finish, but Made It Twice as Long Before a Break

So today, I continued with my workout plan, Leslie Sansone's Three Mile Walk. I chose this program deliberately because I know that it is too hard for me. That means that it will push me. I will get it of that comfort zone every time I turn it on. I can set aggressive goals such as finishing the whole video.

I am trying to learn patience and perseverance. I don't want the short range victories because they make me feel successful. I want a long term goal that makes me WORK. You see, I could have opted for the 1 mile or 2 mile version, but I wouldn't try as hard with those.

Yesterday, I couldn't even make it to the one mile mark before taking a break and ultimately never made it to the two mile mark!

Today, I got past one mile before taking my break (not that I didn't want to stop, I did!) and didn't quit until the two mile mark.

Tomorrow, I will push for the three mile mark! I think I can do it. Remember yesterday when I said that I would finish the workout by the end of this week? I think I can do it. Will it be hard? Of course! I am a CCP (Certified Couch Potato)! Might I fail? Well, I am aiming for a deadline which may need rescheduling, but I am shooting for it till it passes. Will I be ooey-gooey-gross and sweaty and have messed up hair? Yes, but I won't like it! Will I workout hard anyways, giving it all I got? You bet your sweet. [beep]!

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