Biblical Haters: Serpent and Cast Out of the Garden of Eden; Cain and Abel

Today's Scripture:
Genesis 3 Serpent and Cast Out of the Garden of Eden
Genesis 4 Cain and Abel

We must trust in the Word wholeheartedly because doubting The Lord leaves an opening for the devil to come in and tempt. What's more, when tempted, we must look to God even more.

I feel like we can learn from Adam and Eve's experience in the garden. We can learn that it is us who sin. Satan may tempt us, but it is ultimately we who choose. God did not give Satan the power to force us to do anything. God endowed us with the power to choose--free will. He expects us to obey though. And boy can that be hard!

From Chapter 4, we can learn the dangers of pride. We were all born with original sin because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but Cain refused to admit to this sin and atone for it in the way that God instructed. Abel did. So God showed favor on Abel and not Cain. Then we learn the dangers of jealousy. Cain killed his brother out of jealousy which God punished. It would have been more beneficial to take Abel as an example and do what he did. We must remain humble worshippers of our Lord as did Abel.

We also learn the dangers of sinful thoughts. This is the reason that we must refrain from thinking foul thoughts. My grandmother used to say that thinking it brings you closer to saying it and saying it brings you closer to doing it. So being a positive thinker is important.

We also learn that the righteous and blessed have always had haters.

We can also learn that from the beginning God has given each of us a calling, certain work to do. It is our duty to do it and do it for the Glory of God.

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