The 1001 Dress

Many times when you look for a tutorial, you may base it on a picture or image, but this tutorial was based on a video because it required a demonstration.  I think a few of these dresses will be perfect for a vacation.  I am so indecisive so a couple of these would provide me with all the variety I need.  (Maybe I would like an infinity dress too.)

So anyways check out the video and if you want to make it, the link is below the video.

1001 Dress Tutorial on ModelistA

I was a bit confused about what the markings on the diagram meant, but one of the ladies in a Facebook sewing group helped me with this comment, "for this dress you really need to only measure the distance between your shoulder blades, and then cut the arm holes leaving about 60 cm of fabric above the top of the arm hole to the top of the wrap dress. The other marks explain where to put the button hole for the tie to go through and the length of the tie needs to be 1 meter 30 cm." 

I also got this help as well: "Cut out the main shape and make the 2 arm holes in the middle (the distance for your shoulders and about a quarter of the way down. Put a small hole under the one arm hole and add the straps under the other arm hole but personally I would add the straps to the edge of the fabric each side and your good to go (after some hemming)"

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